Internet Safety Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section deals with the most common questions asked (FAQ) about Internet Safety and threats that target home Buyers and Sellers. This section contains a number of articles explaining some of the most common and sophisticated threats facing the Real Estate Market.

Crossroads Real Estate is dedicated to providing the best service available, always going beyond industry standards to stay ahead of changing trends. In this day and age that includes keeping the general public informed about Internet threats and security.

This list of articles explains some of the most common and dangerous threats from Internet Sites imposing threats as well as emails scams and spam.

Of course I am looking for your input on questions you may have as well as ideas to improve this section, and website overall. Your comments are always welcome.

Below is a list of links that will direct you to the section that best describes your involvement in the Home buying process. For the latest information check the pull down Internet Safety FAQ pull down menu on the top of this site. Always feel free to direct your questions to me personally.

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