Investor FAQ

This is a section that deals with questions investors should be asking. Most of the important information for investors is handled in a face to face meeting. At Crossroads Real Estate we do not want to give away investment secrets over the Internet. We want our investors to be n top of the game with an advantage over the average investor. But there are a few details we would like to share with all investors.

How the Investment Game Works

There are a number of foreclosure centers or businesses to work with. Some are rather easy to get along with. Some offer auctions that seem to never deliver the product at the price you thought you were investing. Then there are offices that require agents and buyers to follow strict rules. And there are local banks who are more than willing to work with investors to clear their books. Local banks are of course the best to work with. At Crossroads Real Estate we call that, “doing business the old fashion way.” Imagine a business where the president or vice president answers their phone.

What to Know Before Investing

We will cover a number of investment related topics in this section. The key is to know the market you plan on investing in. We can cover that aspect on a phone call and later a series of E-mails related to your investments needs. You have to be comfortable in dealing with the line of Real Estate investment you want to be involved with. If your interest is in buying and selling homes, are you a general contractor, a do it yourself-er, or can you deal with contractors to ensure the job is done and done right, Crossroads Real Estate can get you started on your investment goals.

Are you interested in being a landlord? Milwaukee has a great course to get you started. What about writing those contracts and leases? There is online information and Crossroads Real Estate has experience with Leases and Rental Agreements.

What to Avoid in Real Estate Investing

There are a number of issues a successful investor want to avoid. Online advise in one of them. We cover those details on one of our articles below. You want to avoid the deal of a lifetime some Real Estate Agents will pitch you. You want to avoid entering the Real Estate Investment arena without a written game plan. Want to make money? Learn to write out plans, add to them, and stick to them. The lazy investor is soon parted from their money.

There are opportunities in Real Estate Investment. Call me to find out what those options are.