When it comes to Real Estate technology we need to take a step back to consider every aspect. Is this new Real Estate technology good or bad? Can it be used to save time, improve service, and benefit all parties involved? What does this new Real Estate technology hold for the future? Who is this new Real Estate technology available to? How will people use it? Is it simple enough for everyone to use or does it require special skills and training? And the big question is, can and will big tech companies use this new Real Estate technology to dominate their competition and eventually monopolize the Real Estate industry? Then we have to consider if and how the government should get involved. We all know government regulations can hamper growth, force unneeded steps to the sales process, create more paperwork, and as we always expect, create new taxes.

The role of this section is to review new Real Estate technology and collect opinions and ideas on its role in Real Estate, how to advance the good aspects, and avoid or eliminate the undesirable effects when and if this new Real Estate technology is abused.

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