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Out with the NEW and in with the OLD

Although computers can and will be a useful tool in the Real Estate Industry, they are not and never will be as reliable as we’d like them to be. After working on a few innovative ideas on a new website with a number of companies, I decided to place those ideas on the back burner for a while and go back to a more traditional way of searching new homes and properties. In the old days Real Estate Agents went through catalogs of homes for sale, made a list, a few copies on the copy machine, made a few phone calls to set up showing appointments, and hit the road. The computer has made some of those tasks easier. For the most part computers are – garbage in – garbage out. There’s no secret about that. We’ll use the cost effective, reliable features on the computer and let the update gods play with the rest of those features we reality don’t need.

I’m sure you filled out forms before, hit the submit, and watched a little dial float around wondering if the request or message would ever go through. I can’t guarantee that won’t happen here. Sorry if it does.

You always have the choice to call me. 414-426-1784

We can do business the old fashion way.

As a side note. I looked at other sites for ideas. Everyone likes to use those drop down menus. After sleeping on it, I woke up and wondered why. Those drop downs have always been a little restrictive. They are also a little insulting. Everyone I work with are capable of filling in a number and comment. So here is a what I refer to as my simple form. Let me know what you think.


Option 2

If you prefer to search properties on your own, here is a link to a search page. I know a lot of people like to window shop the Internet. You can click the link below and that will take you to my personal MLS search site. Which seems to be lacking in a few areas. So I sat down to think of what to do. There is no contact button, or showing request button…. But what do you expect after all the money I spent on it. Of course there are upgrades I can pay for and I’ll get someones idea of how to search for a new home. But the cost of those sites is always going up and up. The costs are ridiculous. And I would have to pass those costs over to sellers who list their properties with me. I try to avoid that. My dad always told me to work smarter and not harder. So here is the plan.

  • Click on the picture or link and a new window will open.
  • Use those new fan dangled pull downs to find homes and properties as close to the one you are looking for. There is also an option to search on a map.
  • When you find something you are interested in do the following.
  • You can highlight or double click on the MLS number or address.
  • Right click your mouse and COPY.
  • Click back to the tab here.
  • Paste the MLS number or Address in the side bar on the right.
  • When your done click the SEND button.

I’ll call you as soon as I can.

Or you can call be with the address of MLS number. I still use an old fashion pen and paper.


Link to the Crossroads Real Estate Search Page

If your web browser is set to default security, you will get a message saying that site does not exist. That is because the local MLS does not provide a secure site at this time. I’m working on that. In the mean time, you can either set up your browser for less secure browsing. I wouldn’t do that. Or you can copy and paste the following link into your address bar.