Reason 29 NOT to Buy Online Leads

There is a reason I use networking and meeting people in real life to propel my Real Estate business. Here is a real life story about one of those meetings.

I was helping a friend with a project. We needed a professional. My friend did business with a local establishment years ago. So we stopped in to get some professional advise. We found the owner of the business there alone. No production. Nothing going on. My friend showed him the part, and the answer was not what we expected. The owner was not enthused about the project. He told us about the past few months of his life. Government regulations were tightening around him like a noose. He lost a brother, and a number of close friends over the past year. He needed a new roof and just wanted to sell the property and get out of business to start something new.

To make a long story short, we sent another friend out to quote on the roof. It was less than half the price of some of the other quotes the business owner accumulated. The stories I heard touched me. We of course offered our services to help with the move, and send some contacts to look at some of the equipment. I decided to offer my services to sell the property at a commission rate well below normal.

When we walked in, we saw a man that was ready to give up. We are all from the same era and swapped a number of stories about the good old days. We came up with a loose plan to get the ball rolling on plans to close up shop and sell the business. The business owner told us about plans for the future and now my friend and I are part of those plans. We had so much in common. The business owner has a new outlook on life and new friends with the same general interests.

Some times money isn’t everything. Nothing like that ever happens when you pay for services that are taking over lead generation in the Real Estate Market. Computer robots carrying on a conversation —- come on now. We are dealing with real people, with real lives, concerns, worries, problems, and details that only come out with eye to eye contact and a handshake in the end. With new plans to meet and hang out in the future. And why not offer a lower commission. Helping one friend led me to that sale. It didn’t cost me a dime. So why not turn the savings over to someone trying to navigate through rough waters in life? Isn’t that what friends are for?