Off the Beaten Path

What is off the beaten path? In Real Estate that is finding a nitch or market that few other agents concentrate on. It is a combination of ideas, concepts, and for buyers, hopes and dreams. Off the beaten path includes some of the most exclusive and exciting Real Estate in Sheboygan and Fond du Lac counties. For me, off the beaten path is a dream come true. I get to drive the back highways many people look forward to exploring only on weekends, And I get paid to live a dream.

Off the beaten path is an experience in life most people only dream about. I get to meet people who made it in life. People who built and live in those dream houses you pass on the side of a country road. Homes with breath taking views you can only describe as priceless. I get to sit down with people, listen to their stories. Real life stories about how they made it in life. Stories about long hours of work, hopes, dreams, prayers, and how people came along at the right time to lend a helping hand. I meet people who know what it means to treat others with respect. Who built their empires on old fashion integrity, their word, and a hand shake. For the most part, people with little contact with the Internet world, and wouldn’t think of dealing with a Real Estate Agent stuck on their phone texting for leads. Business is face to face.

Off the beaten path is far more than the exclusive properties available on the market, or will one day will be added to the market. Off the beaten path is a way of conducting business that takes a great deal of time, but also saves a great deal of money. The old fashion face to face meeting seems to be a thing of the past. Listening to people, learning their stories, and the adventures they lived through seems to have gone down the drain. I think its a travesty to ignore those lessons, downfalls, and success stories people have. They are a part of life, the American fabric. If we spent more time listening to the wisdom self made men and women have, we’d see a lot fewer problems than we are experiencing today.

Off the beaten path for the most part is off the Internet highway. Sure we can use the latest technology as a tool. But it’s a mistake when we allow that tool to control our lives. The Internet offers a lot of information. The Internet offers a lot of free stuff. But the Internet is driven by everyday profit. And where does that money come from? I get into more details in other articles. In a nutshell, Internet advertising prices have gone wild. And one way or another, those price increases are passed onto you, all the customers and clients involved in the Real Estate industry.

Off the beaten path is a way of life and doing business that strives to put all those pressures behind. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you are in the wrong business. When you have the guts to step out of the corporate box, you find a whole new world where the air is cleaner, you hear the sounds of nature, and relaxing is nothing more than taking a moment to enjoy the scene around you. In the old days we called that, “attention to detail.”