Variable Rate Commission

Crossroads Variable Commission Rate

What is a Variable Commission Rate? Your property is as unique as you are. Do you buy clothes, shoes, or gloves in One Size Fits All? Of course you don’t. What you pay for, you expect to find that perfect fit and style. Crossroads Variable Commission Rate is tailored to fit Home Sellers with a basic understanding of what it takes to sell a home. You spend time and money to prepare your house for sale and you should be rewarded. Why demand to full price or overpriced commission on the sale of a house that has been well cared for, exceptional, in demand, and shall we call it, “an Ez Sale”?

In the Real World Home Sale Commissions should be based on a number of factors.

  • Current Market

  • Location

  • Condition

  • Features

  • Inclusions

  • Incentives

Factors should determine the commission you pay to sell your house.

Crossroads Variable Commission Rate takes those factors into consideration to determine the best rate to benefit both you, and me, the Real Estate Agent of your choice.

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Ask about a discount for listing multiple properties. 

We’ve seen what the stock market is doing. The good news is, this is an election year which means interest rates are at their lowest and programs for first time home buyers are at their highest.

Despite the national news, home sales over the past two election years were at record levels. And this year looks like no exception. Spring brings more listings and more buyers to the market. Prices are already increasing. Normally new listings in spring show the highest price increases of the year. Add in price increases due to lower interest rates and we will see an increase in home prices.

New listings are still down for the years. The news may have something to do with that. Since interest rate are down, and prices are up, that should mean one thing. The price to sell your home should be down. Crossroads Real Estate sees this as a great time to reduce commissions, which puts more money in the seller’s pocket. Reduced commission rates make sense in this market. Reduced commissions are offset by higher sale prices and the increase in sales lower interest rates will bring.
Crossroads Real Estate is the only company that offers a variable rate commission that is designed to take market changes like these into consideration. Crossroads Real Estate also looks at the individual seller. All those factors are taken into consideration to give every home seller the best rate available. The smart thing to do is shop around for the best price on your new home, the best interest rate and loan costs, and of course, the best commission rate to sell your existing home. Don’t sign a Listing Contract until you call Crossroads Real Estate to see what the best service in Wisconsin actually costs.