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Time for the BIG Move

So you want to look for the house of your dreams. If it is in the country, Crossroads Real Estate is the Broker you want to work with. Looking for a nice sized house on a few acres with maybe an extra garage, or a large pole building to house your business or hobby? That’s what we look for at Crossroads Real Estate. The countryside is full of properties like that in all price ranges.

Gathering the Facts

What’s holding you back? The commute time? You can check Google Maps to get an idea of the daily commute time and distance. Worried about paying extra for gas? Compare the prices and taxes on houses inside and near the city limits to those outside the major circle most people live in. Tax savings may not pay for all your gas, but it can offset the cost to an acceptable degree.

What about the job? If you work for an employer who allows you to work at home on certain occasions, you have it made. If not, here are a few ideas to consider.

The trick is to buy the house of your dreams while you are working for the same employer a number of years. Creditors like to see applicants with a long work history with the same employer. It makes the lender feel safe. But what about after you secure the mortgage and the house of your dreams? Then look for a new job.

How do you know you will be able to find local employers? You have to get out of the big city and explore the country side. The major growth in America over the past few years has been in and around small towns. Take a look at them. They sure don’t look like the same small towns a few years ago. Major companies have moved in. Not just the Walmarts and McDonalds. There are many more companies to choose from.

What are the advantages of working in a small town? If you do your research, you just may find a selection of small, family owned businesses to choose from. In the big city the big corporations are overflowing with departments that didn’t exist a few years ago. Those new departments and mangers love to track pert near everything. That requires a mountain of paperwork. You know those reports. You spend more time filling out reports than on the actual task at hand. In the real world we call that pressure. Small family owned businesses don’t have those departments or reports. They are looking for skilled people like you who just want to get the job done and do it to the best of your ability. They would love to hire a skilled worker like you who focuses on the task at hand and knows how to do their job. Finally you can get the best of both worlds.

How do you find employers like that? I’ve put together a few simple packages with links you can follow. I’ve done the footwork for you. All you need to do is choose a location, get pre-qualified for a home loan, and let me help you find the perfect place. Now for a quick run down on some of the most poplar and growing locations in Wisconsin. But first, here are a few of the best sites to search job openings. But remember, you may want to consider getting the house first, and then continue the job hunt.

The Job Hunt

Indeed Resume

Indeed is one of the best job hunting sites. Their layout is nice, easy to navigate, and with all job sites, you can set up your custom search and get email updates. The problem is, they will send you emails everyday. And you will see the same employers offering the same jobs over and over again. You may want to take a look at some of the employer ratings and comments.


Glassdoor for Employers

Glassdoor is another job site. Glassdoor also has custom searches with email updates. The problems is, many of the jobs are outside your personal search criteria.


Cb logo navy

Carrier Builder is another site I looked into and used. Like Glassdoor, they offer custom searches and many of the emails are beyond the scope of the search criteria.


Those sites will give you an idea of the available jobs and may be the best place to begin your search for jobs in the area you choose. At least you will get an idea of job opportunities in and around the community you choose. If you prefer to do additional research, you can check out a few more websites that contain growth predictions, home prices, and other community information.

Information on Local Communities

The American Registry | well deserved

American Registry will give you information on the largest employers per county.


American FactFinderAmerican FactFinderAmerican FactFinderAmerican FactFinder

American Fact Finder will give you information on average income, housing, education, and other details.


GMAR, the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors will give you information on housing statistics.


Whatever you are looking for, information is on the Internet. All it takes is a bit of research. I can’t promise you the perfect job in the perfect community, but leaving no stone unturned leaves you with the satisfaction of trying to accomplish what few people put into motion. And we do learn from our experiences. Our learning curve makes us more valuable on the work site. Living in a house gives you ideas on what to look for in the next house, how to remodel the one you are in, or how to build the house of your dreams if you choose to take that route. Experience is the best teacher. And it leaves you with something to pass along to other people.

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing

Crossroads Real Estate has taken Real Estate marketing to a whole new level. Forget the one size fits all marketing strategy. That one size fits all theology may sell houses, but at what price? And who pays that price? Crossroads Real Estate does not apply the one commission fits all sizes concept to any seller or listing. Each property, Buyer, Seller, Client, and Customer are unique. Each requires a different approach and technique to assure success on both sides of every transaction.

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing is based on a long list of proprietary information. Few if any other Brokers in the nation use marketing techniques honed by years of experience, the local market, changing market conditions, economic conditions, and forecasts.

Crossroads Real Estate Marketing utilizes a high degree of research focused on understanding the local market. In turn that research reveals a number of Buyer interests. Buyers do have different interests in the same property. There can be anywhere from 3 to 6 major interests in any property. Each interest requires a different marketing approach to draw the greatest number of qualified Buyers to a property.

In many cases Crossroads Real Estate marketing results in multiple offers for the Seller to review. That is the goal. On the Broker side, multiple offers require more time, work, and effort. For the Seller, multiple offers places the Seller in the drivers seat and in most cases, places the Seller in a more relaxed stage throughout the sale process.

What does Crossroads Real Estate Marketing consist of? The actual process is proprietary information. Some of the general steps consist of gathering local market data. Automated systems are installed and refined to suit specific needs. Working with a Linux based system is one of the most important keys. Linux based systems are more secure. Which not only protects client information, but protects the actual process used by Crossroads Real Estate from prying eyes on the Internet. Internet security is a major concern for Crossroads Real Estate.

As you all know, Linux systems require a certain degree of programming knowledge and skill. Simple computer applications can track and report on local market conditions and changes that can effect the entire marking concept. A few properly timed changes to the marketing concept on a property can make all the difference.

Rest assured, Crossroads Real Estate does not rely on any third party involved with Internet information gathering, which most often relies on spyware, and selling information. All of the information used by Crossroads Real Estate is actually public information offered by the most reliable sources in the nation. The best news is, this information is free. Which allows Crossroads Real Estate to offer its clients the best commission rates in the area, along with services that go way beyond the cutting edge of the Real Estate Industry in general. This information and its sources is shared with Buyers and clients to help equip themselves with the information they need to make the right choice when it comes to making the decision on the next property they will purchase. Information is power.

Computers are a tool. The information is out there and available. All it takes is a little imagination and a few computer skills to put the best package together, and offer services the competition has never dreamed about. Crossroads Real Estate marketing brings that concept to reality. And with that concept and technology comes the innovative marketing techniques that Buyers and Sellers need to stand above the crowd.


Make Your Next Move More Than a New House

So you made the decision to live the dream of life in the country, What’s next? Are you going to drive to the city five days a week? Check out local businesses and the local economy to find out if your work skills are in high demand.

Crossroads Real Estate has already laid the ground work to get the information you need to make your move a reality. Websites with local business listings, the best job search sites, and more statistics than anyone could imagine. The most important step is to drive the neighborhood. Take a look at the growth, local businesses, and layout of the land to find one location that fits you like a glove. Meet a few people. Your new neighbors. And see what they think about life in the are you are considering.

The following list of links show statistics, and some of the general make up for cities and towns. To get a list of local businesses in the area, enter the city or town and Business Directory. I.E. Search “West Bend Business Directory”

This will give you a list of local businesses in the area.

Here is a set of Links for additional research.

Research Local Schools

Great Schools: https://www.greatschools.org/gk/summary-rating/

Niche Best Schools: https://www.niche.com/k12/search/best-schools/

Research local data and statistics

American Fact Finder: https://factfinder.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml

Job Search Sites

Indeed: https://www.indeed.com/

Carrier Builder: https://www.careerbuilder.com/


SentriLock Certified

What is the main reason anyone hires a Real Estate Broker to sell their home? The number one reason people hire a Real Estate Broker is to ensure all the paperwork is in order so the sale goes through with no hang ups, questions, or issues that can come back to haunt you at a later date. In other words, security. Today Real Estate security is an issue and concern.

One of the most important steps in selling a home is showing your home to potential buyers. The most important job for a Real Estate Broker is to ensure only licensed Brokers and Agents gain access to the look box on your home. The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Local Realty Association, and of course the Broker contracted to sell your home have systems, regulations, and rules in place to safeguard your investment. Together those systems have provided a safe environment for home sellers.

With today’s technology, we have the opportunity to add a new and safer layer of security to the lock box on our home. The SentriLock System is the smart lock box of choice for the local MLS and Brokers who choose to participate. Crossroads Real Estate has joined that long list of Real Estate Brokers concerned with your security.

Crossroads Real Estate has been trained and certified to use the SentriLock system. For security reasons I can’t explain all the specific details and features the SentriLock system offers, but it does add an innovative layer of security to the lock box used on homes and business by adding real time login and tracking features.

Crossroads Real Estate is dedicated to working with local agencies and companies like SentriLock to ensure the latest technology is used to serve the general public to the highest degree of efficiency available.

For more information on SentriLock in your local market.


Home Listings

What Your House is Worth

There is an easier and more accurate way to find out what your house is worth on the market today. Don’t waste your time on websites that give you zip code data. Those programs are written overseas by programmers with no Real Estate experience and no idea about the Real Estate Market in your neighborhood.

Just fill out a request form below to get a free report that compares your house to similar homes in the same area. See what is on the market, and how long they have been on the market. Also see what homes have sold over the past few months, how long it took to sell, and the actual sale price. All the information you’ll need in one confidential packet to find out what your house is worth.

Have any questions? Feel free to fill in that question in the form below.

If you’re like me and would rather talk to a live person, give me a call and I can get the ball rolling to find out what your house it worth. Information is power. Get your information from the right source. Crossroads Real Estate is here to get the job done, and get it done right.

Valuable Links for Sellers.

What is a Variable Rate Commission?

How to List Your House for Sale.

Property Search Options only on Crossroads Real Estate

Out with the NEW and in with the OLD

Although computers can and will be a useful tool in the Real Estate Industry, they are not and never will be as reliable as we’d like them to be. After working on a few innovative ideas on a new website with a number of companies, I decided to place those ideas on the back burner for a while and go back to a more traditional way of searching new homes and properties. In the old days Real Estate Agents went through catalogs of homes for sale, made a list, a few copies on the copy machine, made a few phone calls to set up showing appointments, and hit the road. The computer has made some of those tasks easier. For the most part computers are – garbage in – garbage out. There’s no secret about that. We’ll use the cost effective, reliable features on the computer and let the update gods play with the rest of those features we reality don’t need.

I’m sure you filled out forms before, hit the submit, and watched a little dial float around wondering if the request or message would ever go through. I can’t guarantee that won’t happen here. Sorry if it does.

You always have the choice to call me. 414-426-1784

We can do business the old fashion way.

As a side note. I looked at other sites for ideas. Everyone likes to use those drop down menus. After sleeping on it, I woke up and wondered why. Those drop downs have always been a little restrictive. They are also a little insulting. Everyone I work with are capable of filling in a number and comment. So here is a what I refer to as my simple form. Let me know what you think.


Option 2

If you prefer to search properties on your own, here is a link to a search page. I know a lot of people like to window shop the Internet. You can click the link below and that will take you to my personal MLS search site. Which seems to be lacking in a few areas. So I sat down to think of what to do. There is no contact button, or showing request button…. But what do you expect after all the money I spent on it. Of course there are upgrades I can pay for and I’ll get someones idea of how to search for a new home. But the cost of those sites is always going up and up. The costs are ridiculous. And I would have to pass those costs over to sellers who list their properties with me. I try to avoid that. My dad always told me to work smarter and not harder. So here is the plan.

  • Click on the picture or link and a new window will open.
  • Use those new fan dangled pull downs to find homes and properties as close to the one you are looking for. There is also an option to search on a map.
  • When you find something you are interested in do the following.
  • You can highlight or double click on the MLS number or address.
  • Right click your mouse and COPY.
  • Click back to the tab here.
  • Paste the MLS number or Address in the side bar on the right.
  • When your done click the SEND button.

I’ll call you as soon as I can.

Or you can call be with the address of MLS number. I still use an old fashion pen and paper.


Link to the Crossroads Real Estate Search Page

If your web browser is set to default security, you will get a message saying that site does not exist. That is because the local MLS does not provide a secure site at this time. I’m working on that. In the mean time, you can either set up your browser for less secure browsing. I wouldn’t do that. Or you can copy and paste the following link into your address bar. 


Ez1 Realty is now Crossroads Real Estate LLC

After years of planning and a lot of lessons over the years, I decided to take the next and final step in my carrier in Real Estate. I started my own company calling it Crossroads Real Estate. Why Crossroads Real Estate? I prefer the country flavor of Real Estate. I prefer to specialize in the country setting. I like to look for estates with homes, land, and extra buildings. After long thought and consideration, I decided to leave the foreclosure industry behind. There is too much competition in the foreclosure market. For the most part, high numbers of foreclosures are in the past. That boat has sailed. Many of the investors who made a fortune in the foreclosure arena are shifting gears into the ugly house side of Real Estate. Searching far and wide for Sellers who need to, or want to sell quick and cheap.
One surprise during this transition was the cost of insurance, which has increased more than 400% over the past few years. Why? Mostly because of lawsuits in the foreclosure industry. Remodeling completed with less than industry standards is one reason. Another major reason for the price increase is the moldy flip scenario we have seen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t both of those ethics violations? Maybe they have been able to skirt the law, but as Real Estate professionals, we should be guided by our code of ethics, and our own moral standards. Hence, the creation of Crossroads Real Estate. To maintain the quality of ethics I am comfortable with, I have no other choice but to step out on my own.

Crossroads Real Estate still has the same network of professionals and service you have come to expect with Ez1 Realty. I still work with the same Lenders, Inspectors, Title Companies, and other professionals to bring you the same quality service you expect. We are all independent contractors working together to ease the process of your home sale and purchase.

Being independent puts me in control of all the expenses involved. No more spending thousands on Internet campaigns, email campaigns no one reads, and other media with constantly rising costs. In hindsight, this is the perfect time to take control of the situation and do what few people have the guts to do, market yourself the old fashion way with outstanding service, fair prices, and word of mouth advertising. As an independent Broker, I don’t ask for referrals, I earn referrals. When you buy any product offering the highest quality and one store offers the lowest price, and best service, you tell people about it.

Controlling expenses allows me to offer a new innovative commission scale. A commission scale that begins below many of the industry commission scales. The variable rate commission looks at all the aspects of the property you are selling. Location, market conditions, improvements, type of property, your motivation, cooperation, marketing costs, and other factors. At Crossroads Real Estate, we will look at each new listing the way Real Estate should work. The property as well as the owner are unique. No more cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.

The same is true for buyers. Having my own business allows me to experiment and refine search techniques. Buyers have one model home in mind, but will in the right situation expand the search to add or remove features. All I need to do is design an interface to give Buyers the opportunity to search the way they want to search for a home. Not how some software designer thinks they should search. That may take some time, trail, and error. So be patient.

I don’t plan on revolutionizing the Real Estate world. Just this little corner of the world I do business in.