Crossroads Real Estate Pictures Matter More Than You Think

Ever think about how important great pictures of your home for sale can be? I put together a short video in some of the important facts to consider. Not to mention you can take those pictures with you as memories you can have for a long time to come in your new house.

What Caused the 2008 Real Estate Crash

After experiencing the Real Estate crash in 2008, of course we’re concerned when we hear talk about another possible recession. We need to look back at 2008 to see what caused the Real Estate crash, what was done to fix the economy, what worked, what didn’t work, and come up with the best plan. Since…

Does AI Play a Roll in Real Estate

With new technology added everyday we have to consider the pluses and minuses of each. Are they something we can use and what threats can the pose in the wrong hands. Then we have to consider how new technology including Artificial Intelligence will change the face of business and if we are comfortable with those…

What Every Real Estate Agent Should Do Transaction Dates

No one hates paperwork more than me. So I create the easiest solutions with the most amount of information on one form, easy to fill in, easy to understand, and very concise. This video introduces a simple Transaction Dates form every Real Estate Agent should be using,

The Detailed Home Search You Should Expect from a Real Estate Agent

Ever wondered how detailed of a search a licensed Real Estate Agent can create for you. This video takes you inside the software Real Estate Agents use on a daily basis to provide the best service available. The results of your custom search can be emailed directly to you. Brought to you by Crossroads Real…

Every Agent Should Use Electronic Lock Boxes

One of the most important aspects of Real Estate is security. Technology has brought us a very secure lock box system that identifies the Real Estate Agent to accesses the lock box, when it was access and the most important part, keeps out unauthorized people. Why doesn’t every agent use this technology?