Vacation Homes and Condos

Vacation homes and condos take on a new meaning in today’s Real Estate market. Vacation homes used to mean the little cottage on a few acres up north. The lucky people had a cabin on a lake. All they had to do was drive a few hours to get out of the world and relax. Those are still around today, and with a little searching, we can turn up some really nice vacation homes.

Those of us who have been around have seen prices skyrocket over the years. The vacation home seems to always be just out of reach. Those who can invest in a vacation home may consider renting it out over the vacation months to generate a little extra income to help offset the costs. I have this habit of always discussing the downside of every property with the Buyers I work with. You have to check local ordinances before you make the move with plans to rent out your cottage. Then you have to check with the state to see what changes they may have made. I was surprised to see the amount of changes the state made in 2019 for small businesses. We would have to check to see what new changes are on the books, and what new hurdles they created. In other words, is the dream still possible?

Sheboygan and Fond du Lac counties have a few world attractions such as the Elk Hart Lake race track. Condos sprung up all around the track. Although they are a bit pricey, they quickly sold many of those condos. Many of them are used a few weeks out of the year and available for rent during weeks they are not occupied. The same is true for luxury condos near Wisconsin Dells. Other locations are available. And there is an alternative. Modest sized homes at decent prices near the location you are looking for. Once again, you have to check local ordinances and those new state laws.

Of course you also have the choice of finding and buying a home in the area you always wanted to live. Many of us have the opportunity to work from home based offices, and make weekly or monthly trips to the office inside the city. Today we have options to explore. All we have to do is make sure Internet and phone reception is available. We have to check those details.

Do you have a dream? Call me and let’s kick around a few ideas. Need financing to get that dream started? I work with the best, most knowledgeable, and dedicated Lenders I can find. Many homes off the beaten path qualify for little to no money down. We can also explore those options.