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David and Krista Hooven

Ministry Partners

David and Krista Hooven
The Hoovens

Ministry Staff

David and Krista Hooven live in Reno, NV where David is studying Lay Ministry, and they serve together on the staff of Empower Ministries. The family sold everything they had and drove to Reno from Tennessee in a Ford Focus––pulling a 4x8 trailer. They just added a fourth child––a son, David Avery–to their three beautiful girls––Keira, Kadin, and Danaya. They both love the LORD and feel called to help like-minded Christians prepare for the end times.

David manages Home Church TV and with Krista’s help, has already started a house church in Reno. Upon completion of their training, the Hoovens plan to travel throughout the United States to start house churches for Jesus.