Zap the Gap Retreat 2020

The weekend of October 30-November 1, CuppaJ Café patrons and a number of Virtual Home Church, Home Church TV, Roku TV, Facebook, Youtube, and Periscope attenders joined us online for Zap the Gap––our 11th annual Empower Ministries Retreat. All the presentations offered practical instruction, through hands-on sessions that equipped the folks to practice Any Age Bible Study, alone and as families in house churches.


ZAP THE GAP Retreat Videos and Worksheets

Click on each title below to downlowd the worksheet pdf or video in mp4 format to watch on your home computer.

Basic Text Worksheet

This worksheet explains how the previous passage leads into and prepares you for Deut. 6, 20-25, lists the parallel translations of the passage, and shows the way we color-coded the text.

The Extended Text Worksheet

You must get the situation, inspect the parts, capture the flow of thought, and research the meaning of the text. Then you can explain the text and apply its timeless truths, today.

Get the Background of the Book

You have to know where the writer is coming from in order to study and eventually understand the text.

Color-code Every part of the Passage

How to see the parts of the passage without grammar.

How to Look Closer at the Parts of the Passage

How to scrutinize every part of the text and assemble them into bite-size thoughts, events, or actions that make sense.

How to See the Text as God originally Intended.

How to capture the writer's flow of thought and see how he connected everything into a single stream of thought or story.

How to Research the People and Places in the Passage.

How to look up and briefly describe the persons and places in the passage.

How to Research the Things in the Passage.

How to look up and briefly describe the things in the passage.

How to Research the Empowering Words and Helpers in the Passage.

How to look up and briefly define the empowering words and their helpers in the passage.

How to Use Your Research to Explain the Passage.

How to explain every word in the passage, thought-for-thought.

How to Agelessly Apply the Timeless Truths in the Passage.

How to find the precepts and principles the writer applied to his audience and situation and reword them so they apply to anyone, anytime, anywhere, again.