Ministry Partners

The key to successful ministry is to build a team of servants that wraps itself around Christ. As Christ leads them, they work together to carry out exactly what He tells them. Some team members devote their lives to the cause. Others donate time, prayer, and resources we do not have. We call them––ministry partners. They make it possible for the starting team to carry out their ministry.

Be a Ministry Partner

Teamwork, however, is not enough; we also need financial, moral, and physical support to carry out the Lord’s instructions. Please consider donating time, energy, skills, and funds to our ministry. We need volunteers to type documents, fold and stuff newsletters, and introduce us to churches via telephone, the Internet, and by mail. The time has come to share the Gospel with every ounce of strength God gives us. Your contributions will put financial muscle behind our spiritual plans. Please give generously; and give right now!

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Become a Ministry Partner

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Four ways to partner with us:

Investment: Your regular investment in Empower Ministries allows us to introduce interested people to user-friendly, inductive Bible study methods.

Every Donor receives:

1. EmpowerNotes, our monthly newsletter

2. Open invitation to:

  • CuppaJ Cafe, daily, a.m., online devotions
  • Interactive Webstudy, evening online studies

3. Samaritan Saver Card for nationwide discounts

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Investment: A single gift of $600 (or $50 a month) Help enable individuals to exercise their inductive Bible study skills with us.

Enablers receive in addition to the basics and Equipper packages:

5. A course in our Catalog, online (Materials extra)

Your generosity allows us to operate free telephone or online study groups for everyone who wants to study the Bible under our direct supervision.

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Investment: A single gift of $300 (or $25 a month) Help equip individuals with skills for inductive Bible study.

Equippers receive in addition to the basics above:

4. E-book of your choice

  • Radical Conservative (Gospel of Matthew)
  • The Apostolic Home (Home-Based Evangelism)

Your generosity allows us to print helpful materials, provide radio programming, and offer scholarships for those who want to study the Bible.

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Investment: A single gift of $1200 (or $100 a month) Help empower individuals to study the Bible alone and with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Empowerers receive in addition to the basics, Equipper and Enabler packages:

6. Free weekend for one

  • Booth Camp of your choice, at the site

Your generosity allows us to publish books and other media for training and coaching those who want to study the Bible with others.

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