TOUCH THE SKY: Intercessory Prayer and Counseling

Empower Ministries, Prayer and Counseling Ministry is a 24/7 intercessory and care ministry staffed by the Hooven family. You can either submit a request for them on our website or leave one at 775.303.9259. And if you need counseling, the Hooven's will phone to minister to your needs.

About Us

Mission Statement.

We are called by Christ to fulfill the Great Commission and bring God’s lost children back to Him until He calls them home.

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What We Hope to Do

We hope to win souls to Christ through prayer and counseling. When people call, we plan to transfer them to God––whose phone line is always open. So, we will make ourselves available 24/7 for anyone who needs Him.



Testimonial from Judy Jones.

Our CuppaJ family has developed into a team of prayer warriors––forged together through group study of God’s Word. We have learned to ask, listen for His voice, and accept God’s answers in His time. Some answers have brought tears to our eyes––including the turnaround of my own son who once asked me to stop praying for him, but now asks me to pray with him nearly every day. –– Judy Jones

Judy Jones is a regular member of our prayer network.

The Intercessory Prayer Path
Prayer Model
prayer model

We use this model for prayer practiced by the Navigators

Click on the button to leave a prayer request on our special page where our team and others can pray for you.

Our Guidelines for Counseling

1. We listen before we give advice

  • Jesus asked people why they came to Him; so we let people tell us what is going on.

2. We never adopt a judgmental or condemning spirit

  • Jesus ministered to hostile people; so we do our best to help anyone, regardless of what they’ve done.

3. We’d rather listen than talk

  • Jesus patiently let people pour out their hearts to Him; so we wait until people are finished expressing themselves.

4. We never give worldly advice

  • Jesus based everything He said on scripture; so we only counsel people from the Bible.

5. We always assign homework

  • Jesus challenged people to carry out His instructions; so we expect people to put our advice into action.